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Winter Waves

  • 1 min read

The remote Western Faces of Kosciuszko National Park have been getting mountains of attention recently as more and more people venture out into the backcountry. Never has that been more apparent than in 2020. We love spending time in the wild, so when a few of our mates had hatched a plan alongside surf photographer Guy Williment to venture out back, we were frothing to show off Australia’s best skiable terrain. 

Australian Backcountry Mount Twynam Norfolk Wild

Photographer Guy and his brother Zander Williment charge in the surf up on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, while we spend a lot of our summer chasing big trout in the high country’s rivers, but a lot of the crew were yet to have the chance to stare in awe at Australia’s biggest white waves.

As we crested Mt Twynam, there was a crew about to drop in on Carruthers Peak, while another scaled The Sentinel, it was almost like we’d arrived on the set of a ski movie – minus the helicopters. Judging by these photos it’s safe to say that the Western Faces put on a show for their newest fans.

Mt Twynam Winter Australian Backcountry Norfolk Wild

Check out the full photo blog here from what was an incredible weekend.