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Keep em' wet

Norfolks Keep em' wet

Norfolks Keep em' wet initiative is all about a pretty simple idea. We like fishing for trout, and we want to keep fishing for trout. To do that, we believe in a few things, like looking after the rivers we fish, handling fish with care, and trying to be as climate and environmentally aware as possible.

Trout are not native to Australia, yeh well done we all know that, but it's completely irrelevant, the more trout that go back in the river, and lay more eggs, the bigger they grow and the better the fishing becomes.

We're all about a smoked trout every now and then to go with a very cold beer at the end of a big day, but just consider a few things before you do. Like, has the river been low on fish lately? Is this fish undersize? Are 7 grown men really going to get a good feed out of a small rainbow trout or are they compensating? So all we ask is, do your best to look after the fish, the rivers and environment you love spending your holidays, weekdays, weekends exploring.

Catch and release – a few quick tips.

  • Use barbless hooks when you can.
  • Bring the fish to the net as quickly as possible.
  • Keep the fish in the water as much as possible.
  • Handle as little as possible, and always with wet hands.
  • Do not squeeze – it damages internal organs.
  • Remove the hook using forceps if necessary.
  • Avoid contact with the bank or gravel as this removes protective slime.
  • Release the fish by pointing its nose into the current so that water is flowing over its gills.
  • Support it gently until it swims away, you don't need to shake it back and forth.
  • Make the photo op quick. Keep the fish in the water while you get the camera ready. Hold the fish as close to the camera as possible so it looks bigger than it is.

We don't mean to preach, but every trout that is successfully released is just the same as your local Trout Stocking Program stocking another trout, which is your tax payer money. It makes the fishing better for everyone and it makes your dollar go further.

For further info, check out our mates at The Australian Trout Foundation.