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Special Beers

  • 2 min read

So what the hell is a Special Beer?

Well, firstly let us say, you've come to the right place. If you want special beers this is where you'll find the recipe. It's better than a flaming homer!


  • Fresh Limes
  • Lady Cholula Hot Sauce
  • Cold Beers
  • **Special Ingredient** > Read Below.


1. The Beer
It's really important you choose the right type of beer as your base. We recommend a XXXX or as our man Eamon Waddington from Broadside Hunting (one of the early adopters of the special beer) prefers.. Great Northern. Why? Because they're not overly strong in flavour. This is important because we're going to be adding our own flavours. Once you've chosen your beer, you want to crack the can, just enough that the pull tab is sitting up high, but you haven't completely pierced the can yet.

2. Add the juice.
Now here's where you need to pay attention. you need AT LEAST a quarter lime. You want to squeeze the lime juice in to the top of rim of the can. Fill it up without it overflowing.

3. You're doing well.
If you've made it this far, well done, we're stoked for you. From here you want to add the secret ingredient, and believe us, this is important you get the right stuff. So here it is.. Tajin Clasico Seasoning You want to sprinkle this all over the lime juice. It's more rare than the Lithgow Panther.

4. Meet Lady Cholula
You want to throw a few drops (depending on how hot you like it) of Lady Cholula Hot Sauce on top. We like to think about 2-3 Drops on top close to the lip of the can should do it.

From here, you want to get it up nice and high so it's rubbing that moustache you've been growing all winter. With your finger on the trigger, crack that can and give it a big old gulp! A big first sip is strongly recommended to get all the flavour washed down your gob!

So now you now how to make a special beer. Use this knowledge wisely.

The Norfolk Boys